The projects we undertake for private clients are kept private, however there are some internal and partner projects that are publically accessible. Here are some of them.

The Fimtra Platform

The Fimtra Platform is an open source project written in java. It is a feature rich and highly flexible platform that enables the development of multi-process applications which can even be distributed on separate hosts. There are components and projects written using the platform and many more on the way.

This is a travel website that we operate as a partnership. The deployment and web publishing technology is an in-house perl/UNIX highbrid. For static and dynamic web publishing an MVC approach has been adopted. The technology is mature and has evolved over a number of years, regular refactoring and architecture reviews have ensured that it remains fit for purpose, lightweight and flexible.

web-hotels blog

This a travel blog which is part of the family. WordPress is used behind the scenes, webotech used PHP to customise the theme and added in house plugins so that it satisfies some specific business requirements.

This is an internal avocational project related to Bulgaria which we are allowing to grow organically. Our perl/UNIX publishing technology is used for this project which we are using to test out new ideas and to optimise our platform.

bulgariaseaview blog

The somewhat technical blog for our project. It uses Movable Type with some in-house perl customisation to cater for our development environment.

Web 2 Services

We operate a number of web 2 services which we host and give access to our clients using in house key technology. The approach allows us to maintain and upgrade all of our clients applications seamlessly, from a central location.

Web 2 Widgets

These are a number of dynamic web widgets which are used on our and our client’s projects. We have an in-house core library for this which allows us to correctly separate tiers of style, content and implementation code. In addition it enables web 2 client specific implementations to be managed simply.