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Hawkwind + Bruise
Monday, 30th October 2006
Words by Danielle Millea

Bruise are an astonishingly good act; you feel like you have known them and their music for ages. Isobel Morris' vocals are haunting yet intrusive and cover a broad range. That along with her excellent skills on guitar and Jim Kimberley thumping away on the drums means the tracks from debut album 'B' ensure these London art rockers gain more numbers to their following after every show. If only they had a better mic stand (the mic repeatedly tried to free itself from the stand during the set, despite the added aid of gaffa).

'BRUISE' 'B'   From  -  Genre: 'Rock' -  Catalogue No: 'POPLA01'
B was passed to me by a fierce and independent-minded fellow who has a terrific knack for homing in on unique artists who don’t necessarily click with the demographics of commercial marketing, but who …Well. Who just make good music. Isobel Morris sings and plays guitar. Jim Kimberley drums, samples and sings. Very simple really. Simple, rasping and glorious.Their nine tracks of sharply defined power pop/rock melody have echoes of Placebo or Annie Lennox about them. Plus a lot more. Guitar parts are tastily wired spangled and thundered. Vocals swoop, harmonise deliciously and then subvert. Drums bounce and drive. Sampled noise is used sparingly throughout, and for emotional reasons only. I think if emo was made by adults it might sound a bit like this. Emotionally stretched, heartbreakingly sexual. Damn fine. Do you have music that changes your body chemistry? Can you feel the way some records ripple those goose bumps across your skin? And how they do intravenous things that put hopeful feelings into your skull? How they change the way that light glints on your retina? It's like that for me with BRUISE. 'Sam Saunders. To read the rest of this review go to

9 Mar 2007BRUISEacoustic @ The Amersham Arms, New Cross Rd. On stage 9.00pm, £6
13 Mar 2007BRUISEacoustic @ The Vibe Bar, Brick Lane E1 Music from 8.00 FREE
23 Mar 2007UpAllNight present BRUISEacoustic @ The Spice of LIfe, Cambridge Circus, W1. On stage 8.30pm. £6
25 May 2007The Cavern Club, Mathew St, Liverpool. Part of the International Pop Overthrow, power pop throws a party in it's parents house! You gotta, all gigs are FREE! We're on, Kelly's Heels are on AND Kimberley Rew! Cavern Club 4.30pm and 12.30am (technically the next day)
1 Jun 2007Hope Festival, Bodium. It's small and it's sublime. If you live in Deptford you'll know all about it, if not get in touch with us  
15 Jun 2007Hawkfest, Donnington Park. Go to their myspace for tickets, follow the link from ours. Hawkwind take over this legendary venue and put on a historic festival. Be THERE!
22 Jun 2007Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury. Green Futures, they've got a whole hillside, we'll be on it, say you will too.
20 Jul 2007Castle Coronet, St Peter Port, Guernsey. A magical night of mostly acoustic music, BRUISE Acoustic are headlining. Come sit under the stars with us.
27 Aug 2007Narrow Street Fete. Wapping. London E14 2.30 on the bandstand. FREE
31 Aug 2007High Barn, Great Bardfield, Essex Acoustic gig at this atmospheric bucolic venue. Recommended! £5
3 Sep 2007The Vibe Bar, Bricklane, London E Acoustic gig for The Scary Gotcha Club. On stage about nine. FREE
14 Sep 2007Bar Sonic, Deptford High Street, London SE Bruise, the full electric trio at our new local gig. Get cozy - it's FREE
23 Sep 2007Red Church, Redchurch St London E2 9.00pm Acoustic show, FREE
15 Oct 2006The Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London Acoustic show for The Scary Gotcha Club On stage 9.00, FREE
19 Oct 2007The Spice of Life. Cambridge Circus, London W1 ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY. Come celebrate the release of our second album "Nobody Else". The night also features the Fabulous Kelly's Heels. Music from 8.30pm £6
28 Oct 2007The Redchurch. Redchurch St, London E2. We take the opportunity to try out new material and different arrangements at this lovely intimate venue in the coolest part of the East End. 9.00  FREE
2 Nov 2007Bar Sonic. Crn Deptford Broadway & Deptford High St. Electro/acoustic show. Funky bar venue, funky crowd. On Stage 9.00 FREE
17 Nov 2007The British Oak, Old Dover Road, Blackheath Royal Standard, London SE3 We're playing our local pub. Excellent bar, top beer, the best music. FREE
3 Dec 2007The Vibe Bar. Brick Lane London E2 The Scary Gotcha Club spins the coolest tunes and we sings the songs. It's all good. 9.00   FREE
15 Dec 2007Bar Sonic A surprise invite to play the funkiest corner in Deptford. They had a cancellation and we were first call. Two sets, bar prices, cozy atmos and free entry. YIPEE!
20 Dec 2007The Deptford Arms. A new venue for us, but this I do know: the gig's promoted by Tich Turner of the Catapult Club and he doesn't book any rubbish so it's bound to be a rockin' night. Dunno what it costs or when we're on...See ya there!
25 Apr 2008High Barn. Great Bardfield, Essex Stunning venue, brilliant sound and very good bands playing unplugged versions. From 8.30 £6