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What we do Webotech provides, maintains and enhances corporate enterprise systems. Our experience is spread across a number of industries, more recently it is focused on investment banking, insurance and corporate finance although it also includes e-trading and media.

Our approach Webotech activity is based on consultancy contracts and revenue share partnerships. We implement technical knowledge creatively, making use of industry recognised technology (JEE, unix, perl, SQL among others). We work in close partnership with our clients in order to understand their business and ultimately to deliver high standard solutions.

Who our clients are Webotech works with businesses regarded to be industry leaders. Past clients include blue chip corporations in investment banking, finance, insurance, news and media. Our partnerships are organically grown and serve not only to validate our approach but provide us with an ever improving platform.

See our work our consultancy work is private, however webotech has a number of active web projects and blogs that are publically accessible. Webotech also serves a number web 2 widgets for our clients and partners.

current status
investigating contracts in London
expanding a partner project
nurturing an internal project

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